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The Full Story

Here is the thing: life is all about adventure, and playing, so get out there and have a good time!!  But also honestly I get it, we have to have the stuff we need, and places to carry it.  Clever ways to organize your crap definitely makes getting out there for adventure easier and even more enjoyable along the way.  Now: getting out for adventure, staying organized, AND LOOKING GOOD WHILE DOING IT?!  Sign me up.  Add in there some extra support to the earth via utilizing retired adventure materials (like old kitesurfing kites, bike tires, tents, etc.) and wow.  JUST WOW!!!  Thats what THE SALTY BOOB is all about; continuing adventure via adventurers on more adventures.  The Salty Boob is passionate and committed to making high quality gear, equipment, and products that support humans in getting to adventure first-because the other stuff can wait.    


I'm Hannah, aka the salty boob.  I started The Salty Boob in 2018 when my son was born, it originally was a catch-all for all of my creative endeavours, and over the years it has grown into a really fun experience in industrial sewing, design, and manufacturing.  I love working with materials that are at the end of their lifecycle as their original intended use, and SUPER love creating things out of this old garbage that gets people excited about adventure.  

I couldn't do what I'm doing without a ton of support from my awesome family, from production to quality control to product testing to agreeing to run to the post office, these two are the best helpers I could ask for.


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