If your bebe could talk, we’re pretty sure they’d tell you how much they love it when you take them on adventures! Sometimes the weather gets precarious or you need to change a diaper on the go but you don’t want to expose your wee adventurer to the elements. Hey, good news! We’ve made a blanket for that.


We upcycle discarded kitesurfing kites to hand-sew a cozy durable blanket that will have you and your little adventurer out playing in a range of conditions. Also makes an excellent diaper-changing blanket!

Adventure Baby Blanket

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  • The best part? It’s machine washable. Just throw it in a cool water cycle and hang to dry. Huzzah! You and your little are ready for the next adventure.

    • The soft flannel side is made from all new fabric and the nylon material protects your changing area—the beach, trail, or the backseat of your car.
    • Comes in a zipper pouch to keep it compact when you throw it in with your gear.
    • The kite material is water and wind-resistant—perfect for bundling up your precious cargo when the elements get to be a bit much.