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The Salty Boob designs and manufactures adventure products in Bend, Oregon

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the salty boob creates the:


Adventure Bike Basket

The Adventure Bike Basket is a super fun product that I created originally for my toddler's balance bike.  The one he has on his bike is Adventure Bike Basket #1-and it still is kicking around just as sturdy and good looking as it was on the day I stuck it onto his bike.  I had the idea of using old bike tires, for something, then eventually figured out how to incorporate them into the base of the bag!  I love sewing with the tires, its a crazy sturdy material that my industrial machine has no issue with and creates a virtually indestructible base for the bag, the main compartments are sewn from repurposed kitesurfing kites, which means every single one of them is completely unique! I gave it to him and it was the first out of probably one hundred things I have sewn for him that he was SUPER STOKED about....I posted a pic of him with it on instagram, and immediately had orders for about 5 more headed out the door.

The first run of Adventure Bike Bags were created with side release buckles and webbing straps over the top. Almost immediately I started to swap the buckles for a simpler magnetic Fidlock closure to make it easier for the littles to get in and out of their bags independently.  Fidlock makes really clever magnetic closures and I've had a lot of fun figuring out how to incorporate their stuff into my products, I think most people have a lot of fun using their closures, there is something really magic about being able to lock something down with the ease of a magnet.  

There are less than 5 of the original The Salty Boob Adventure Bike Baskets with side release buckles in the world, and I think its especially cool that even though I've offered (and it still stands) to upgrade these OG baskets to the new system, the parents can't pry them away from their kiddos to get it swapped.  They're too busy loading them up with popcorn and rocks and worms to be bothered!!

FRIENDS, GET THIS:  while this bike basket was originally designed with the littles in mind, I have been pretty blown away by how many of their adult counter parts have been enjoying one-handed snack access while out on their rides!  Of course adults can have a cool bike basket too! The Fidlock magnetic closure makes for super easy one handed open and closing, and for littles and adults you can even use a luggage strap (or you can get one made by Salty) to convert it into a cross-body bag for your off-bike adventures.  There are two size options, both fit literally any size bike no matter how big, the large version definitely drags a little on the tire of a 12" bike however, so if you think its going on a tiny bike then go with the small version. 

Custom Frame Bag

the salty boob creates the:


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